Monday, May 23, 2011

Schedule Time To Worry

Business women should schedule time to worry and not worry too long. Things always gets better.
Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to accompany my sister to visit a friend of hers in the hospital -- initially, I must admit that I thought this was so unfair of her to ask me to go with her when we both knew that it would be hours of me just sitting there, waiting.  I could just drive her there and pick her back up!

Obviously, she needed more than that so I geared up for the hours of waiting I knew was ahead of me. Unless I am giving birth or welcoming a new baby into the world, I DO NOT Like Visiting Hospitals!

We loaded up with hot pretzels and cheese, water and mango candy and a book tucked into my tote and headed off to  Westchester Medical's Trauma Unit to visit my sister's friend.  I went in briefly with my sister to support her  and then took my seat in the "family" waiting room. For the next 3
hours I sat with no computer, no kids, no phones ringing off the hook, no interruptions. Sure,  I had my smart phone but somehow tweeting did not seem appropriate at that moment.  I reached into my tote and pulled out my book "It's About Time, Time Management Tips From the Software Recitalist" by Ellen DePasquale-- this could be a good time to polish off this book.  It was a gift from Ellen who was  a breakout session presenter at our  Celebrate You! Women's Summit back in March.

As I read through the practical and useful tips, I came to a paragraph titled, schedule time to worry, but no more than 10 minutes a day.  This was news to me! I had never heard (read) such a time-management tip before, but was pleasantly surprised that I welcomed the idea. I placed my book on my lap and took my 10 minutes to worry.  I worried about being able to fulfill all these BIG dreams I have of affecting a positive change in the lives of women like me who have ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and whether I was doing enough! Well, 10 minutes is a long time when you are DELIBERATELY taking those minutes to worry! I wanted to get to finding solutions to my self-imposed worry and I began making notes -- in my book.

My Worry Solutions:
  1. I commit to writing a blog post once per week and sharing whatever I am feeling in that moment - this could be of help to women who are experiencing similar feelings or in need of some new information or whatever I am moved to blog about. 
  2. I will ask for help when needed and delegate more - this will broaden my reach and reduce stress
  3. I will list 5 things each week that I am proud of -- my personal pat on the back journal-- Just  for me (we can all find things we are proud of)

How are you worrying?  Share your comments with us. 

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