Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Motivate Yourself In 7 Simple Steps

1. Put clear and measurable goals
No quantity of motivation will be sufficient when you have indistinct targets. An example of an indistinct goal is, “I require a boyfriend. Instead, try something real like, I wish to go on two dates every week, and outline the little tips required to help it become a reality.

2. Get yourself a buddy/mentor/friend
The old saying”strength in numbers” holds right. There’s nothing superior to having like-minded individuals to offer you a little encouragement. Visit
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3. Be optimistic As well as realistic
Having an ambitious target is great, but if it is unachievable, you’re set yourself up for steady failure.
4. No negativity
Negativity just breeds extra negativity all of which will hinder your development in the long run. Encompass yourself with optimistic people.

5. Motivational phrases
Yes, they really work! Saying it is half the battle, believing it, so the next time you end up wanting a pick- me- up, have a deep breath and mean it whenever you say, I can do that! I am successful!  I have ALL the tools I need to accomplish my dreams! I am valuable! 

6. Concentrate on what you have and never on what you’re lacking
When we’re pressured, it is easy to forget all the optimistic things we’ve already achieved. When you have a big weight loss aim, for instance, remind yourself frequently of the small weight loss achievements along the way. Stay looking forward to and not back.

7. Picture your long-term goal - Visualize
Take a couple of minutes daily to image yourself once you’ve reached your goal. Use the outcome for an advantage and pay attention to the way you look and feel. By imagining yourself successful in the future, you’ll find a way to concentrate on the large picture instead of little hurdles along the way.

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