Friday, April 15, 2011

Lead From Within

When you Lead From Within, you step inward to seek the life you yearned for–a life of commitment and fulfillment of your heart’s desires. By listening to your inner self and following your compass within,  you will find a life that is aligned with your talents, truth and values.
You probably do not know at this moment what that means or what your life will look like once you have decided to Lead From Within. You may be uncertain of it all means or how to attain it. It does not matter: Leading From Within, will bring you closer to the life you yearn for!
Leading From Within will form the basis and context for all the decisions, big and small, that you will make in all the days to follow. As you take this step inward, you will see the abundance of the universe, the inexhaustible gifts of spirit, flow in to support you.
Leading From Within, will be your map, your compass, your North Star, and your support system as you chart your life course.
Lead From Within, will be the light of your heart that guides you to a life of MORE — more of everything you truly desire.
You can have it.
You don’t need to feel trapped, limited or “stuck in a rut”. You can lead a more passionate, fulfilling life.

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