Monday, March 7, 2011

Are You Holding Back Your Business From Being The Best?

We all get stuck. You’re busy working in your business. You think you have a clear plan of action that will deliver the results you are striving for. But something’s missing. The results you want don’t materialize. Just like everything else in your business, there’s a system to identify what’s holding you back.

Instead of randomly second guessing yourself, ask the questions that success coaches like Omar Periu asks to help people become financially independent. Here are seven areas where you may be holding yourself back.

1. Fear of Failure
If you are pushing the envelope to break through to play a bigger game, there is always a risk. If you let fear of failure dominate your decisions, you will remain a prisoner. If you learn to ‘eat failure’, ‘get over it’, and ‘move on’, you can focus on the results you do want. Learn from each failure and keep going. It’s part of success. “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.

2. Pain of Change
It’s easy to be held back because the pain of change looks so great. That little voice tells us that we can tolerate how things are because the pain of change will take too much effort, time, upheaval, etc. We ignore it until finally the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. Instead, think from your goals. What will those goals do for you when you do make that change? Let those achievements drive you to make the change.

3. Self-doubt
Self-doubt is a poison all around us. It creeps in very subtly, so subtly we don’t know it’s sabotaging our business. Vigilance is really quite easy, but it’s a system of habits we need to maintain consistently so self-doubt can never get a foothold. It’s using affirmations, journaling, reading, mentors, self-development programs to keep you and your business moving forward.

4. Blaming Others
As children we learned to blame others. As the leader of your business, you can break this habit by becoming accountable for every decision and every result, good or bad. Decide to become ‘excuse-free’. Take responsibility.

5. Justifying/Validating
We are so busy in the business, it’s easy to assume our competitive position, marketing approach, business structure, pricing model, or way of doing things is the only way, the best way for the business; because maybe it worked well in the past or it’s the only way you know. But if you want to break through to reinvent your business or grow it, justifying or defending how you’ve done things up until now, is actually holding you back. Become aware of it, and start brainstorming/mind-mapping alternate possibilities in each area of your business.

6. Complaining
When you complain to friends, family or your team, you are giving them permission to support you in a pity party. That only reinforces that you’re stuck and that you want to stay stuck. Instead, for every complaint you want to voice, turn it into opportunity for you to change, try something new, master something new and ask friends, family and your team for suggestions and solutions.

7. Lack of Skills
There are two parts to the lack of skills challenge. First, you need to recognize that you do not have a particular skill set. That’s really OK. No one can know everything, nor should you try to be the master of every area of your business. Second, decide if it’s a skill set you want to or need to learn, or if it’s a skill set you can hire. If it’s a skill set you need to achieve your goals, follow through to learn those skills. But if the skills needed are outside your expertise, use other people’s skills. I don’t need to be a web designer to have a robust website. I just need to hire someone who can build it for me.

The bottom-line is that you are the leader of your business. It’s your responsibility to recognize when you are stuck and what you are doing to hold you and the business back from being your best. It’s your choice to get unstuck. Until you change, nothing will change for you or your business.

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