Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You CAN Achieve Balance While Working From Home!

One would think working from home is the perfect dream, but for many women entrepreneurs it can become a nightmare. Being home, surrounded by potential chores all day, can really take its toll on our psyche (and our productivity!) Distractions range from our favorite daytime TV programs just a click away, to the calling of a sunny day, to the arrival of our children and husbands.

Here are some tips for keeping your sanity while working from home:

  • Cut back on raiding the kitchen for snacks.

  • Keep the TV off.

  • Schedule time for chores to avoid distractions during the day.

  • Know when to step away from the office and spend time with your family.

  • Take one extra day off a month for “me” time.

  • Eat lunch away from your workspace to clear your mind.

  • Schedule dates with your spouse and kids.

  • Have a bucket list and enjoy yourself every once in a while.

  • Keep your work space and your fun space separate.

  • Consider delegating when work becomes too busy.

  • Learn to say “No”… You don’t need to take every single project.

  • Eat healthy foods, schedule time for exercise and get your rest!


  1. excellent post! I need to implement each and every one of these. thank you.

  2. I thought that I can work from home so I tried it this summer..and I failed. lol. I started feeling myself depressed and not needed for the society. Now I'm working with dataroom in an office and feel really good again.

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