According to a survey to be released this weekend by PNC Wealth Management, men and women are not any closer in their views about their investments than they were before the recession wreaked havoc on their portfolios.
There is a 10 percentage point difference in how men and women responded when asked whether they were planning their portfolios more carefully, with women being more cautious. And asked how they viewed their portfolio strategy, 51 percent of men said “nothing has changed,” while only 38 percent of women felt the same way. The gap pervaded all the responses.
One upside in the PNC survey, a followup to one it conducted five years ago, was that the recession did not push the sexes further apart in their views about money.
“There was not as much change with the way people think about their money through the recession as we thought,” said R. Bruce Bickel, senior vice president at PNC Wealth Management. “I think that is because there is better communication and they are getting more of their family involved in their finances. It is just a small percentage increase but it was positive.” Continue Reading
Susan Hirshman is president of SHE, a consulting firm focused on financial literacy for women and the author of "Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?" Susan Hirshman is a Speaker at the Inaugural MACsWomen Success Summit! Women's Entrepreneurs Summit on the first Saturday in October in White Plains, NY.