Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life Coaching 101

I have been a life coach for nearly 10 years. I love the whole life coaching experience.
When I meet someone and share - I am a life coach, most become curious and
immediately start asking me questions. I wish to share with you 6 of the most
commonly asked questions and my personal answers, so you can have a better
understanding of the life coaching experience.

1) What is a life coach? A life coach supports and motivates their clients in getting
clear, organized and staying committed to their goals and desires. Much like an athletic
coach, we want the best for our clients and are able to see our clients’ situations
through a different pair of eyes, thus we are better able to see where the changes need
to come from, in order to put our clients on the road to success. Life coaches are not
therapists. We do not fix any one and we are not anyone’s mother. We are someone
you hire to guide and inspire you to stay committed to achieving your success.

2) Who are your clients? Personally, my clients have come from every walk of life
and have had various reasons for employing me. Some need me to support them to
stay focused to accomplish a business goal. I have worked with several small business
owners to stay motivated, organized, and focused. I have worked with mothers who
want to organize their schedule to experience more balance and joy in their lives.
I have even coached a busy workaholic couple so they could find time to have fun.
Yes, we scheduled in fun every week! Many of my clients just want more balance in their
lives. Still, others do not know what they want and I work with them to discover their

3) Is everyone coachable? My answer is no. I do not work with everyone that wants
to hire me. I have to assess if the person is coachable. I really don’t want to waste my
time or theirs. I give them a short questionnaire to take before I accept them as a client.
They must fill it out and get it back me in a timely manner. I also have them take their
toilet paper roll currently in their bathroom and turn it to roll the other direction and leave
it that way for two days or when the paper runs out. Once we connect again after I have
received the completed questionnaire, I ask them about the toilet paper roll exercise
and if they kept it reversed for the complete time or not? If they answer is yes, I work
with them. If it is no, I walk away. If they could not do this simple exercise, then I feel
they would not be open to follow through with the changes needed to stay committed to
their goal. Over the years, this method has worked well for me.

4) How do you work with the clients? We get together in person or via phone and I
explain what is expected of them and what they can expect of me. I have them sign a
commitment type contract. Here they commit to call me on time for the coach calls and
to check in with me via emails on the days and time agreed on. They also commit to be
honest with me about doing what they said they will do during the week to achieve their
goals. Then we make a plan and create steps to take everyday and week towards their
goals. If a weekly task is not completed, then we work on why it was not completed
and take steps to remedy the matter. My job is to motivate them to stay on their agreed
path to success. Like anything, you will get out of the experience what you put into it.

5) How do you choose a life coach? If you ever decide you would like to hire a life
coach, feel free to shop around. Interview the different coaches. Ask the coaches for
referrals. As much as many of us are alike, we all do our coaching a little bit different.
Some coaches take certifications courses and some don’t. It is up to you to decide if it
is important for your coach to have a certification or not. We also might have different
philosophies. I use my intuition when I am working with my clients which works for me.
I like to work in three month increments whenever possible. I believe it takes at least 90
days for my clients to implement the changes they need to continue to achieve their
goals and desires.

6) What does it cost? That varies from coach to coach. We all have different pricing.
Some charge in the hundreds a month and others charge in the thousands depending
what the coach wants to charge. I create personalized coaching packages and price
them according to the client’s needs. Some coaches do flat rates. I have my clients
pay up front for my services. I feel it encourages them to stay committed to their goals.

I hope this article on Life Coaching 101 has supported you in understanding the life
coaching experience from my point of view. I almost forgot. There is one more question
they love to ask, “Do life coaches have coaches?” Some do and some don’t. In my
opinion, the good ones do!

Vicki Kallman, the Joyologist, is a speaker, an author, facilitator, intuitive life coach, reiki master/teacher and founder of  where she intuitively guides her clients and 
readers to having greater joy and success in every area of their lives.

Vicki Kallman is a Speaker at the Inaugural MACs Celebrate You! Women's Entrepreneurs
Summit  in White Plains, NY. 


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